Unlock blockchain technology
for yourself or your business

We consult & train you and your company on how to achieve your mission supported by blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

We believe in a better world of trust and transparency achieved by decentralised technology

Our Services


We provide personal and business consulting on Blockchain, cryptocurrency, tokenomics, decentralised and hybrid platforms.


Our training topics include introductions to cryptocurrencies, trading, cryptocurrency focused accounting management, personal training, workshops, brainstorming.


We provide technical and accounting audits for your decentralised and/or tokenized business models.

Product Development consulting

We will help you align your business goals with modern technologies related to decentralised or hybrid-business models.

Our Vision

We believe in a trusted and transparent world along with harmony of human essence and modern technology. We strive to achieve that through using the latest cutting-edge methods and processes, combined with essential alignment of IT and human experience.

Our Team

Combining more than 35 years in IT industry, project management and latest blockchain technology, we bring knowledge, skills and passion to each project.